Saturday, February 6, 2016

Keagan and Holden's Baptism

 Keagan Ryker Landon and Holden Lucas Landon were baptized by their father Jaxon R. Landon on February 6, 2016
 Grandpa and Grandma Landon with Holden and Keagan
 Jaxon and Raguel with Holden and Keagan
 The Landon Family.  Kinsley, Raguel, Jaxon and Keagan and Holden
Kenneth and Karen England (grandparents), Randy and Susan Landon (grandparents) and the Landon Family.  The 3 Landon Kids

Friday, February 5, 2016

Driving from Lake Tahoe to Rexburg, Idaho

 691 miles to home.  10 hours 25 minutes
I like to cross stitch when I am traveling.  I finished this one on this trip and started another one. My cedar chest is getting full and I don't know what to do with all of them.

Home Sweet Home!

 We arrived home in the dark around 9:00 pm.  We gained 1 hour when we crossed into Idaho, so the drive and a few stops time was 13 hours.
We drove 2,231.5 miles for the whole trip,   from Rexburg, Idaho;  to St. George, Utah; through a corner of Arizona and across Nevada to South Lake Tahoe, California; From Tahoe across Nevada again and into Idaho; and then home to Rexburg.

I love to travel but it is always good to be home !!!!!!! 

Long way to home

 We started out in the dark around 7:00 am .and it was 19 degrees

We had good roads all the way, but not much to see all across Nevada.
Lots of Interstate

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dinner at MacDuff's

We ate dinner at MacDuff's, a Scottish Pub.  The food was amazing.  They had a yellow Studebaker in the front parking lot.

Thursday-Skiing at Sierra in Tahoe

 We went back to Sierra and skied another day.
 Randy and I on the chair lift.  Picture of our skies also.
 The moss on the trees was beautiful.
 The sun was shining all day long.  It made a great picture coming through the trees.
 The Sierra Mountains.
 Lots of great runs at the Ski Resort
 In the afternoon I sat out and enjoyed the sunshine while Randy went and skied a few more runs.  It was such a pretty day.
 They had a Star Wars park for the little kids.
What a great report.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


 We found the restaurant called FEAST on yelp.  It was so good, the atmosphere was fun, the waiter was great, and we ate our meal on a wooded plate.  Yum, Yum.
 We went to the movie Bridge of Spies, in one of the large casinos.  We must have walked 2 blocks to find the movie theater in the casino.  What a weird life style to live.
When we went out to the parking lot we saw this car.  I think it would be great to add this on Randy's truck, ha ha.