Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 11- River Barge

 We rode the Barge down the river.
A little different view of things when you are on the river and not just walking.  We actually saw Elvis by the river.  They say he dresses up everyday and walks around the river district.

Day 11- Spanish Governors Palace

 The harp in the house reminded me of Kathryn Merrill.  She is a beautiful player.
These are the gardens outside the Palace.

Day 11-San Fernando Cathedral, Town Square

The first Christian Mission in San Antonio
 Town Square in front of the Cathedral
Pictures from inside the Cathedral.  

Day 11- Bexar County Courthouse

They have some beautiful building in San Antonio

Day 11- Market Square

 We stopped at Market Square.  All kinds of shops just like you would find in Mexico, but the prices were a lot more.
We ate lunch while we were in Market Square.  This restaurant is open 24 hours a day.  They never close.  They had an awesome bakery also.  

Day 11-Trolly Ride

We did the Hop-on-Hop of Trolly Ride around the area.  LeRoy was our driver for today.

Day 11-King William District

King William District.   Lots of old beautiful homes along the San Antonio River that have been restored.