Thursday, October 30, 2014

Club House

 It was a rainy day again on Thursday.  So when we got back to kids enjoyed the Club House again.  Henry loved the toys there.
Oliver became a pro on the Air Hockey Table. He beat both Randy and I.  

Oregon Coast Aquarium

It was rainy again today so we did inside things again.   Yaquina Bay Bridge  (Cross the bridge and you are at the Aquarium)
 Oregon Coast Aquarium
 There are al or of interaction things to do at the Aquarium
 Pretend fishing, etc.
 Lots of fish
 More fish
 Hurricane Simulator-  Oliver  and Henry both liked being in the simulator.
 One of my favorites.
 Oliver inter-reacting with a Sea Lion
 Henry and Oliver
 Henry, Randy and Oliver

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Port of Newport

 We went down to the Port of Newport.  It is a historic part of Newport where a lot of fishing is still done.  It was so quaint.
 It is raining again so we had our umbrellas with us again.  Oliver, Henry, Randy and I.
 The one man on the boat is bringing in huge Tuna.  So interesting.
 There are Sea Lions on one part of the dock.  They are really noisy.
 We next went to Under Sea Gardens.
 There was a diver that did a demonstration for us.  She brought up several fish to show us.
 The tank was full of local fish and so interesting.
 Next we went to the Wax Museum.
 And then to the Ripley's Believe it or Not!
 Newport is famous for the Yaquina Bay Bridge.  Awesome looking.
 It was still a little rainy so we took the boys to the movie  "The Book of Life".  It was a cute movie.  We were the only ones in the theatre.  That is a good thing about the matinee.
 The rain stopped for awhile and Henry wanted to go out for a walk.  We walked part way down on the Beach Trail.  He loved walking on the rocks and the logs.  The ocean was at high tide and very wild still with all the wind.  But it was a great walk.
Back at the Condo, Oliver putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle and Henry watching a show.  We are enjoying taking care of the boys and getting better acquainted with them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oliver's School Play

 We drove from Newport to Monmouth to see Oliver's play.  The leaves are turning colors so it was a beautiful drive even though it was still raining.  We also saw a rainbow.
Oliver's play.  He had one of the speaking parts.  He was Charbonneau.  Years ago when I was in 5th grade I had the part of Sacajawea.  (Wow time flies)
 Waiting for the play to start.
 Sacajawea and Charbonneau  (Tianna and Oliver)
 The play was really good.  I am so glad we could be there for it.
 The kids all did great.
We ate at Burgerville after the play.  Then Randy, Oliver, Henry and I headed back to Newport.  

Rainy Day at Newport

 It is really rainy and windy today in Newport.  The waves on the ocean are awesome and large.  I am glad I am not out in a boat.
 The flowers are still beautiful here.  Lots of colors.
 We have just Henry here with us today.  Melanie has gone to Florida to a teachers conference; Ben is at work; and Oliver is at school.  We went outside for a little fresh air.  It was raining so we went for a walk in the rain.
 We went down to the playground for awhile.
Then we stopped at the Club House and played some inside games.  It is fun being with Henry.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Schooner Landing

We were walking out by the Condo and saw a whale out in the water.  I hurried and ran back to get the  camera and the big lens.  Came back and realized the battery was exhausted.  So Randy ran back to the room and got a new battery plus the binoculars.  Looking through the binoculars  we realized it was just a rock, but we were sure excited for awhile.
 Henry really liked  playing on the playground equipment.
 There was also an old boat set up for the kids to play in.  Henry liked driving the boat.
 A view of the light house from the grounds by the Condo.
Henry poising with the old pirate and his parrot in front of the club house.

Agate Beach; Newport, Oregon

 Henry loves to play games on the mini-ipad.
 We have sunshine today.  Look at the great shadow Henry made.
 Our hike down to the beach.
 The sun was shinning, the wind was calm, so it was a beautiful day at the beach.
 We traced Henry's shadow in the sand.
 Randy walking on the beach.
 The homes on the coast line.
 I love watching the seagulls.
 Henry drawing in the sand.
 Henry playing in the sand.
 The beach
 The ocean
 Randy and Henry on the beach.
 Henry made lots of building with sand.
The hike back out to the car.