Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby blessing- Carma Oviatt Weinheimer

 We went to Provo, Utah to Carma's baby blessing.  Ben blessed her at home.  It was so special.  She is named after her mothers maternal grandmother.  My mom would be so pleased. It was so good to see my sister Mary Anne and her husband Tom from new York.  I am so glad we have family.
We drove by the construction site of the new remodeled tabernacle that will be a temple in Provo.  They already have the angel Maroni on top.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014


We went shopping out to Scheels (an outdoor store).  It is full of activities to do.  Hillary and Lily rode on the ferris wheel and Ashley, Lily and Hillary did the Roller Balls also.  It is quite the store.  We also ate there.  You could spend the day doing activities.

Benihana (Early Birthday for Ashley October 9th)

We went Benihana for lunch.  That is Ashley's favorite place to eat in SLC.  It was close to her birthday so they sand to her and took our picture.  On the chair is the clothes Randy and I got Ashley for her birthday.  


We went to City Creek shopping.  Lily got a mermaid costume and wanted to wear it while we were shopping.  June slept the whole time and I forgot to take a picture of her.  That is the way to go shopping.

Funny Girls

June and Lily in funny glasses.  


Hillary, Lily, Ashley and I went and got pedicure's at JC Nails.  This was Lily's first pedicure and she did not want to use the water but she did let them paint her nails.  She was so cute.  It is always fun to do a pedicure with a group.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Henry has made a hammock that he can lay in under the dining room table.  Pretty ingenious I think.