Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stockings for Soldiers

It is that time of year again.  The Rexburg GFWC Club is sewing Christmas Stockings.  It is great to participate in this project each year.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jaxon 38 Years Old

Jaxon turned 38 years old on September 10th.  We meet his family at The Hickory to celebrate his birthday.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Rexburg, Idaho, USA

 We set the GPS on 'Go Home' and it showed we had 670 miles to drive today.
 We headed out at 7:55 am.  It was raining hard and the weather was saying snow this afternoon in Calgary.
 We passed through several small towns but Lethbridge was the biggest.  We saw a lot of grain combines on the road also.
 Coutts was the last town in Canada before we crossed the boarder.
 We crossed the boarder at 11:55 am.  We were making great time.
 Welcome to the USA.
 Welcome to Idaho.  The rain had quite and the sky was beautiful.  The sunset was even better.
We arrived home at 8:00 pm.  The trip monitor showed we traveled 1,985.1 miles on our Canada road trip. It was a great trip.  We saw lots of beautiful scenery and the best part was seeing Max and Deanna in Edmonton.  They were great hosts and showed us so much Edmonton.  But it is always good to be home again.  

Henry- First Day of School

Henry's first day of Pre-school.  He was not sure he wanted to be done with vacation.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Edmonton to Calgary

 Elder Max Wade and Sister Deanna Wade.  We had a such a great time visiting with them.  They showed us around Edmonton where they are serving their mission at this time.  It is great to have family.  Thank you Max and Deanna for entertaining us so well.
 We went to sacrament meeting with Max and Deanna.  Three of the YSA Wards they work with meet in this chapel.  It is the oldest LDS church in Canada.
 A Canadian train we saw along the way.  It had so many cars it seemed like it went on forever.
 We stopped in Red Deer for a light  lunch.
 Our first stop in Calgary was the Calgary Alberta Temple.  It was Sunday so the gates around the temple were closed.  It is a beautiful temple from the outside also.
 I think Canada has such a beautiful flag.  I love the maple leaf on it.  The wind was blowing pretty hard in Calgary.
 We stayed at the Executive Royal Hotel
 We ate dinner at the Cattle Baron
The sunset was beautiful with the dark clouds starting to form in the sky.  It was a good day.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Edmonton- Saturday Sights

 We went for a ride on the High Level Street Car.  The streetcar travel on top of the bridge.
 Max, Deanna, Susan and Randy
 Views from the streetcar.  We rode from the Farmers Market to the Ledge and back.
 The Farmers Market.
 So many interesting people and booths to see.  They had everything there.
 The colors in their displays made everything so appealing.
 The Muttart Conservatory.  It has 4 large pyramids with a different kind of display in each one of them.
 We are enjoying the Muttart Conservatory.
 The first pyramid  was the 'FEATURE'  It had all kinds of flowers representing Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass.
 The second pyramid was 'TEMPERATE'.  Notice the lady growing out of the grass.
 The third pyramid was 'ARID'.  It represented the dessert.
 The fourth pyramid was TROPICAL'.  This one was Deanna's favorite.
We next went to Fort Edmonton Park.You experienced Edmonton's origins come to life right in front of  your eyes.
 This was the Midway.  1920 Era
 We rode the train to the end of the park and then started exploring.
 1846 Fort- Fur Trading Era- The Hudson Bay Company
 The workers dressed up in period costumes.
 There were guard stations and high walls all around the fort for protection.
 The first nation camped outside the fort.
 Small trading post
 1885 Settlement Era
 1905 Municipal Era
 We saw a show in the Capitol Theatre on the growth and development of the area around Edmonton.
 We rode the trolly back to the park entrance.  What a fun way to learn about Alberta.
 We went for a walk down town and to have dinner.
 The water fountain at Churchill Square


 We started out this morning with Max and Deanna and went for a walk on the trails in Edmonton.
 Saskatchewan River that runs all around Edmonton
 We saw a hot air balloon on our walk.  It was a beautiful morning in Edmonton.  The weather was perfect.
 A 'selfie' of us on our walk.
 Henrietta Louise Edwards Park
 Skyline view of Edmonton.
 Japanese Garden
 These are the stairs we climbed up at the end of our walk.
 This hotel is close Max and Deanna's apartment.  It is the hotel that Queen Elizabeth stays in when she comes to Edmonton.
 Max and Deanna's apartment building.  They are being very hospitable and letting us stay with them.  We appreciate them very much.
 We did a session at the Edmonton Alberta Temple.  It was so nice.  The people around here are just so friendly and helpful.
 The grounds around the temple.
 We ate lunch at Soda and Jerks.  There are more than 20 items that you can add to your hamburger. The prices were listed so cute on the menu.  13 3/4  ($13.75)
 Next we went to the Ledge.  The legislature building in Edmonton.  It would be like out capital in Boise.
 It was built over 130 years ago.
 You can go down under the building  through a long tunnel.  The tunnel also goes under the highway.
 The grounds outside the Ledge.
 The Centennial Flame.
We went to a dinner theater that night.  The dinner was great and the entertainment was great also.   The musicians were all so talented.  Each of them could play several different instruments and all of them could sing so good.  It was a great night.  Max and Deanna are taking such good care of us and showing us so many neat things.  We are having a great time in Edmonton.