Monday, March 30, 2015


Holden and Keagan are helping their dad at the storage units.  They like to drive the fork lift and have nick named it "Forkie".

Friday, March 27, 2015

Oliver and Henry

 After the movie we had a fun night having the boys entertain us.  Oliver on his violin, ukulele, yoyo and signing to us.  
Henry just loves to play and keep so busy.  It is so fun to be with the grandkids.


We all went and saw the movie "Home".  It is really cute, a good one for anyone.  Oliver and Henry both liked it a lot.  

Silver Falls State Park

 We have lucked out and got another beautiful sunshiny day in Oregon.  We went up to Silver Falls State Park.
 Hiking to South Falls with Randy, Melanie, Oliver and Henry
 South Falls.  Amazing and beautiful.
 The back side of the falls.  You can hike behind the water falls.
 Hiking on the trail.
The boys found fun thing to see along the way and play on them also.  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Benihana's- Oliver's 11 Birthday Celebration

 We were a few days early for Oliver's birthday, but he chose to go to Benihana's for his birthday dinner.  The kids love to watch the chef cook right before their eyes.
Happy 11th Birthday Oliver  (Actual date is March 30th)  Ben was with us but did not get in the picture.


 A place the kids always love in Portland is the OMSI
Oliver tried the Motion Simulator this time.  It did not seems to bother him at all.
 So many science things to do and see at the OMSI
We went to the show at the Planetarium this time.  Afterwards Oliver and Henry got in a capsule of a rocket ship.  It was a fun afternoon.

Portland, Oregon

 Oliver sent me a selfie just before we arrived in Portland.  He is growing so much.
 A must stop in Portland is the Powell's Book store.  What an amazing place.
The Hays family in our motel in Portland.